Sunday, 7 November 2010

Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety Nestrest

I would like to show this amazing piece of furniture.. A hanging lounge  sofa, designed by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety..
I had the pleasure to hear about this furniture when I went before a few days to a furniture store, and the owner showed me this hanging lounge chair. I have to say that I got very impressed because it is so unique design..
It is ideal for relaxation, meditation and discussion. Is constructed in such  way so that the person who sits can be seen outside, but the outsiders cannot see inside.
It can be placed anywhere, in a garden in a living room even in the countryside!!


  1. this is definitely a beautiful idea, and a beautiful execution of this idea! Seating as a safe haven/sanctuary/protective shell has been done before, for example Saarinen's aptly named womb chair, and eero aarnio's ball chair.
    I love the picture of this pod hanging over the lake.

  2. i Agree with you, the picture with the pod hanging over the lake its wonderfull. The design it reminds me the tears or drops folling down and after to be part of the lake. Nice choice :)

  3. yeah..i have seen those examples before, its great to share impressions and ideas with other glad you liked it because I LOVE IT!!
    It's great to be in a place like that on a lake actually,in such an open place and feel that you are alone there..The idea of the designers is perfect because while you may be in a public place no one can came to your own place..

  4. practical problem: how do you climb into the chair if it is suspended over a lake????

  5. haha I like your question is a very good question, of course I am not the designer of this concept so I can only assume so. The questions apply in all cases because they are always hanging .. as I see it has not a lot of distance of the ground, and from the lake also .. Maybe you pulling the rope to get in and then it placed there where you hang in before, or you can just jump in, you going to think now ok if I jump from the lake i will be soaked, you might be using a small boat to get in..So it's better if you choose the place that you want to hang this, if somenone buy this he/she have to think the more practical way to use it