Thursday, 25 November 2010

Random Pak Twin by Marc Newson 2006

This sofa for sure is not so comfortable!  Is something  that came from software and its made of nickel and it has contemporary style.. I can imagine how cold is the surface, its better if you put a  pillow before you sit. Is something that you'll put it in showrooms.. I would not choose it for my place, but I really like the shapes because they can create reflection if you placed it for example under the sun or next to a floor lamp. Is so transparent and so naked it is futuristic and  it seem just like an illusion,if you do want to see it you'll see it ..Nothing can hide behind that sofa. It has very simple shape, but if you look closer is not so simple, look at those shapes and what they can create under the light, I find it very educational and do not forget who is the creator Marc Newson!!
SIZE:  h: 34.6 x w: 55.1 x d: 24.6 in / h: 87.9 x w: 140 x d: 62.5 cms
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  1. it reminds me of a chair of Shiro Kuramata:'How High The Moon', look it up, it is very similar. H.E.

  2. yeah..I can say that objectively they look similar and I can find find many things in common, but for me there r different, they have different shape, the one you told me has legs and it looks massive..I have to say that it is interesting because it has sophisticated shape but somehow its invisible, when you looking that sofa you are not sure if it really exists..