Friday, 22 October 2010

Lockheed Lounge chair by Marc Newson


When I first saw this aluminum lounge chair  I was impressed.. this very rounded furniture struck me because is like it came from Space, the shape, the material and the fact that it has three legs! I wish I could have it in my living room, it is so different from other furniture  is more elegant and stylish. I heard that  Madonna used this lounge chair for a video clip.. Someone recently bought it for $1.5 million. What can I say about this chair? Perfect shape, unique,  wonderful .. It is classic and very modern at the same time.


  1. what is design and what is art? this chair blurs the distinction between the two. i have often wondered how one feels when seated on this--do the metal studs make one feel uncomfortable? what about the cold metal surface?
    marc newson also designed furniture made of solid marble. they were on display in new york a few years ago. his work is definitely interesting, and sometimes very beautiful. Here's the link for the marble furniture exhibition:
    marc newson at gagosian

  2. design is a very big word design for me is everything, as a designer you thinking of yourself as a deliverer of evoke an emotional response..Art has similar is the result of design and the design is the result of art.So simple amd so complicated at the same time..This chair is a mixture of both together..cold metal surfice? does not matter to me whether it is cold or if it is comfortable.. This chair it is design by itself