Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bone Chair by Joris Laarman

This Dutch man, Joris Laarman he is one of my favorite designers. As he believes it is very difficult thing to combine logic with sensitivity, but the point and the very special thing on him is that he is doing this vey well!  This chair definitely needs a lot of imagination. He developed this design on a computer program  that the car manufacturers using. The chair was prepared in 2006 and its made of aluminum. Is like the skeleton hooked on the seat and  the back.  Very modern concept that gives a different feeling to the design of furniture.   In his creations there is a point, not so distinct, where the technology being promoted with the  classic beauty..


  1. I saw this chair at an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York called "Design and the elastic Mind"--you can go to the link here . This chair is the result of the application of a computer algorithm. So does that make its designer less "imaginative"?

  2. each designer has one idea or more ideas and try to implement them. Always starts with something..even though he started to design this idea on a computer program he continues to developed this concept.. The success that he had with this chair led him to create series of bone, which claims the new seats and other tables. Never stops to discover and to create.. I dont think that this progress make the designer less imaginative The designer never stops to have imagination even if he works in this way