Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Limu armchair by Sandro Lopez

A very modern armchair that could be placed in a very modern house.  This product is perfect for those who love artistic designs. Is made of wood. It consists of four parts (armchairs) which are very soft, stable and ergonomic which when they joined together create a hemisphere. The dimensions of hemisphere is diam. 190 cm / h 91 cm.  It is a chair that could create memorable experience, it is fun, friendly and playful. I would be excited if I had this natural and unique piece of furniture  at my place.


  1. this piece brings to mind three things:
    1- its modularity reminds me of Dedon's Obelisk outdoor furniture
    2-its materiality reminds me of marc newson's Wooden chair for cappelini
    3-its structure reminds me of David Trubridge's Body Raft, also for Cappellini

  2. thnx antigone I confess that I had never seen the "obelisk outdoor furniture" before..Remindes me lego game