Friday, 8 October 2010

Moon System Sofa, by Zaha Hadid (2007)

2700 x 2000 x 850 m 

Zaha Hadid designed moon system proving that, this totally unique new concept is combining  the unrivalled experience in manufacturing technologies into complex curvilinear geometrics.  Moon system's continuous shape blends ergonomics and beauty together giving a flexible and comfortable design.  Metallic as if it had just arrived from outer space, is able to constantly reconfigure the equilibrium between solid and void, positive and negative object in space.  The concept of seating is radically undermined by the creation of an angular highly dynamic form: a single shape which contains the back, the seating and the armrests  as if sculpted from a single block.  The system is complete with footrest, whose shape perfectly integrates with the form of the sofa.  Moon system is best placed at the centre of a room from where it's fluid, expressive curves can be admired  from new viewpoints.  

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