Friday, 22 October 2010

Lockheed Lounge chair by Marc Newson


When I first saw this aluminum lounge chair  I was impressed.. this very rounded furniture struck me because is like it came from Space, the shape, the material and the fact that it has three legs! I wish I could have it in my living room, it is so different from other furniture  is more elegant and stylish. I heard that  Madonna used this lounge chair for a video clip.. Someone recently bought it for $1.5 million. What can I say about this chair? Perfect shape, unique,  wonderful .. It is classic and very modern at the same time.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rainbow Stacking Chairs by Christian Flindt

A colorful design by Christian Flindt "rainbow stacking chairs".
If you put these chairs together you can  create a fantastic atmosphere.  They can create a new furniture maybe a library if they stack on top of each other, or they can be used as a colorful bench if you stack them sideways.  Those colors remind rainbow because  they built in a semi-transparent array of colors, and this make the construction alive.  Is something that you are not used to see in an internal space. While you are in a space with "rainbow stacking chairs", you can easily change your mood for the better.  Also, the fact that these chairs fit one on top of another allow a number of chairs to be stored compactly, when they are not in use.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Limu armchair by Sandro Lopez

A very modern armchair that could be placed in a very modern house.  This product is perfect for those who love artistic designs. Is made of wood. It consists of four parts (armchairs) which are very soft, stable and ergonomic which when they joined together create a hemisphere. The dimensions of hemisphere is diam. 190 cm / h 91 cm.  It is a chair that could create memorable experience, it is fun, friendly and playful. I would be excited if I had this natural and unique piece of furniture  at my place.

Fish Bone Armchair by Nicolas Marzouanlian

It is a handmade armchair which is an inspiration of Nicolas Marzouanlian. I would say that is very unique and pure because is made of with only one material.. "wood".  Also you can use this chair inside or outside but under cover. It is very convenient for a human's body and It is very important that it is environmentally friendly I wish there was similar furnishings like this.. Is very impressive, strange and unusual  to see a human sitting on a fishbone and i would like to try it but i dont want this chair at my place because it is not represent me..

Friday, 15 October 2010

Tube Chair of Nesting and Combinable Elements, 1955 By Joe Colombo

A chair that consists of four plastic tubes, padded with polyurethane and covered in fabric. Definitely an artist would choose this piece of furniture for his/her own space, a doctor for the clinic for example a psychologist, or in a luxury hotel..When you see this specific furniture you have the feeling that is very soft, comfortable and flexible, and I am sure it is..It is so simple and at the same time so rare and curious.
Joe Cesare Colombo created this furniture which he was an Italian Industrial Designer (1930-1971).
Location: At the Museum of Modern Art, New York/Scala, Florence

Friday, 8 October 2010

Moon System Sofa, by Zaha Hadid (2007)

2700 x 2000 x 850 m 

Zaha Hadid designed moon system proving that, this totally unique new concept is combining  the unrivalled experience in manufacturing technologies into complex curvilinear geometrics.  Moon system's continuous shape blends ergonomics and beauty together giving a flexible and comfortable design.  Metallic as if it had just arrived from outer space, is able to constantly reconfigure the equilibrium between solid and void, positive and negative object in space.  The concept of seating is radically undermined by the creation of an angular highly dynamic form: a single shape which contains the back, the seating and the armrests  as if sculpted from a single block.  The system is complete with footrest, whose shape perfectly integrates with the form of the sofa.  Moon system is best placed at the centre of a room from where it's fluid, expressive curves can be admired  from new viewpoints.